The great thing about a homemade bird feeder is that it is so simple to make.

You can use a wide variety of materials, a lot of which can be obtained without difficulty.

Required Tools and Materials

Here is the list:

  • Bird seeds
  • Newspapers
  • String
  • Pine cones
  • Peanut butter


Put the newspaper on a table and set the materials there. Take a spoonful of peanut butter. Apply it to the pinecone. Just add a small amount of the peanut butter.

This is used to stick the bird seed, so don’t cover the whole pinecone.

Roll the pinecones all around the seeds. Fasten the string at the pinecone’s top section.

Now take it outside and fasten it to a tree. That’s it; you just created a homemade bird feeder.

Other Materials You Can Use

The great thing about birds is that you can use almost any material to store their food. As long as the bird seeds are there, they’ll come.

Gather some bird seeds and put them on a plastic plate. Put it in the garden and the birds will flock to it. You can also spray some bird seeds on a tray.

Note: putting in a lot of seeds won’t just attract birds. It will also draw in squirrels. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on spraying a lot of seeds in the yard.

Other Homemade Bird Feeders

A simpler variation of the string and pinecone feeder is this one. Get a piece of string and fasten bits of fruit or bread on it. Secure it to a tree branch and other areas where the birds go.

Use a mesh container if you want to give them suet. The mesh must have been used to store onions.

Even soda bottles can be used to feed birds. Get a bottle and stand it upside down. Make sure the cap is on. Use a knife to make a few incisions on the sides. Don’t cut the bottom.

Twist the cut-out part of this homemade bird feeder. That will provide the birds a place to rest on.

Remove the top (because the bottle is upside down, that would be the bottom). Put bird seeds in the bottle. Make a few holes and put a string in it. Fasten it to a tree.

You can also use aluminum cans. Make a few cuts oriented towards the bottom. Bend them to make perches.

Roll to eliminate the edges. Pour some birdseed into the can. Lift the ring tab. Put a string through the tab and tie it onto a tree branch.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when cutting the cans. Take care not to cut yourself when making slices and incisions. Wear gloves if necessary.

If you’re using old cans or containers, wash them first. If you don’t have time to make bird feeders, just spray the seeds on the ground; this method will draw the birds in.

You can add fruits or bread to your homemade bird feeder too. Try alternating these with the seeds, and those birds will doubtless keep returning to your yard.