By resorting to homemade upside-down tomato planters, you’ll be able to nurture plants without spending too much money.

You’ll need to gather a few things first.

Required Tools and Materials

Here is the list:

  • Plastic container with handle (5 gallons will do)
  • Sponge
  • Tomato plants at least 4 inches high
  • Any sharp instrument
  • Hanger (heavy-duty type)
  • Thick string


Use the sharp object to make a hole in the plastic’s bottom. Make it two inches in diameter. Make three more holes in the container.

Put the string through it. Make sure there’s enough string for doubling back. This is needed to fasten it to the hanger.

Set the container on the surface. Put the tomato plant’s roots through the bottom hole you just made.

Continue making the homemade upside-down tomato planter by getting a sponge. Cut and shape it into a rough circle.

Make an incision in the sponge’s middle (half an inch). Slice a line in this hole. Set the sponge all around the plant. This should be on the inner part of the bucket.

Putting the Planter in Place

Have someone grab hold of the container. Turn it upside down. Put the soil in the spot where the lid is.

Wait until it is filled halfway. Add some water. Now fill the mixture all the way. Now put the structure on a hanger.

Secure it with the strings. There are some special hangers designed for homemade upside-down tomato planters. However, you can use an ordinary one provided it is strong enough.

Make sure the place you hang it on will be sturdy enough to hold the container. Set it during the day.

Afterwards, immerse the soil with water. Make sure the liquid goes all the way down. This is necessary so the roots will grow.

You can put the planter on a deck or anywhere else. But do make sure there’s plenty of space.

This will be needed when the leaves start to grow. If you didn’t take off the cover, use it to keep moisture in.

Preventing Diseases

Diseases can also affect homemade upside-down tomato planters. Funguses are among the most deadly.

There are several insecticides and fungicides you can use. Get yourself one of these.

Apply them according to the instructions provided. This will keep the plants from rotting and turning brownish.

It’s crucial that you apply these medicines before any fungus signs appear. Give the plants medication before any flowers appear.

There’s no need to panic if the chemicals get on a few of the tomatoes. It won’t affect the other fruits.

Tips and Warnings

Sunlight is important but too much of it can be damaging. Cover it with some shade during excessively hot days.

The shade color should be green as it can keep the heat out. Don’t forget to give it fertilizer.

Making your own homemade upside-down tomato planter is a simple project. You can do this with the rest of the family.

It’s not just cost-effective, but a lot of times plants cultivated in this manner grow very healthy.