One of the most significant yearly feasts in the liturgical year of Christians, Easter Day is celebrated to recognize and commemorate the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Many people prepare feasts and gather with their families and friends to celebrate the event. Some people also practice gift giving at the celebration.

If you want to give affordable but useful and attractive gifts, you can always check out the different homemade Easter gift ideas below.

Old Time Easter Basket

If you have ample time to make homemade gifts, you can try creating this basket because it is really enjoyable and interesting.

The materials that you need for the project are white and purple craft paints, a basket, fine-grain sandpaper, a dry sponge, a foam plate, paintbrushes, and a disposable cup.

Aside from these materials, you need stencils for the celebration, masking tape, stencil paint, and stencil brush.

Use the sandpaper to remove the rough parts of the basket and make it more attractive. Afterward, get the dry sponge and use it to remove particles that were brushed off from the basket.

Pour ½ white paint into the disposable cup. Mix the paint with six tablespoons of water. Paint the basket with the purple paint. Top the paint with the mixed paint with the use of a wet sponge.

Make sure that you can still see the shade of the purple paint. Use the masking tape to attach the stencils on the top portion of the basket. Fill in the holes with your desired shade of the stencil paint.

Some of the patterns that you can use are bunnies, flowers, and eggs. Wait until the paint dries. Fill the basket with decorations made from felt paper.

Lacy Eggs

The materials for the project include a dozen eggs, a bowl, a straight pin, a nail, a toothpick, glossy craft paints, paintbrushes, a foam tray, assorted colors and designs of lace, scissors, tacky glue, and a clear acrylic finish spray.

Hold the egg carefully in a bowl and poke the ends with the use of the pin. Insert the nail in the holes to enlarge. Get the toothpick and use it to stir the inside of the egg.

Shake and let the mixture pass through the holes. Wash the inside portion of the egg and dry.

Paint the shell with glossy colors. Paste the laces on the shell and spray with acrylic paints. Continue doing the previous two steps until you get your desired pattern.

Allow the paint to dry. Follow the same procedures in the remaining eggs.