Why buy costly yuletide decorations like everyone for these holidays? By making your own homemade Christmas decorations, you will not only cut down on costs but you will also have ornaments that are unique and have your personal touch.

Make a Christmas Tree

Required Tools and Materials

  • glue
  • pine cones (different types and sizes)
  • cone (Styrofoam)
  • spray paint
  • trimmings and other decorative items

Instructions to Make a Christmas Tree

Get the Styrofoam cone and flatten it a bit. Put some glue and join it with a pine cone. Allow it to dry.

Starting from the bottom, stick the other pine cones in place. The key here is to begin with the larger ones.

Make sure the cones are in the place you want them to be before you start gluing them in place.

When making this homemade Christmas decoration, assemble the cones in rows. Assemble them upwards. Try to keep the cones as closely bunched as possible.

You can leave it as it is, or you can add trimmings. You can add balls, berries, or bells.

You can use spray paint too. Spray it with a little bit of synthetic snow for that authentic white Christmas feel.

Note: Make sure the paint is compatible with Styrofoam. Some are not and cause the material to disintegrate, so ensure that you check first if the paint and styrofoam can be used together.

Make Christmas Bells

Required Tools and Materials

  • knitting needles (size 9)
  • yarn needle
  • yarn (colors up to you)
  • jingle bells (brass)

Instructions to Make Christmas Balls

Start this homemade Christmas decoration with an interesting pattern. Cast 20 stitches and knit across the row. Repeat the process until there are 28 rows.

Add more rows if you want the bells to look a little more round. Take the cast off.

Thread the bodkin and sew the edges. The right side must be turned out. Repeat the process and sew at the top of the bell.

The sewing needs to be near the edge. Pull the yarn securely. Get the yarn’s end and create a loop hanger.

Curl the stitches onto a brim. You can use your fingers for this. Finally, secure a piece of yarn on the bell. Tie this to the knitted bell (the inside part).

Other Homemade Christmas Decorations

  • Make some popcorn and let it cool down.
  • Slice a fishing line (1 yard at least).
  • Fasten a big knot at one end and a threaded needle at the other end.
  • Get the popcorn and set it through the needle.
  • Put as much popcorn as needed to fill it up.
  • Attach to your Christmas tree.
  • Get a paper plate. Turn it over.
  • Get various colored papers.
  • Use scissors to make the facial features of a snowman.
  • Make a hat and scarf too. Glue the pieces together.
  • Get some colored paper and draw various shapes.
  • Stack the papers and glue them so they are thicker.
  • Spray with more colors and hang them on the tree or near the holiday wreath.
  • You can also draw designs on your computer and print them out.
  • Wrap the paper around Christmas balls.
  • Glue the paper and you now have uniquely designed ornaments.

Making homemade Christmas decorations can be fun. It is an activity the whole family can participate in.

They do not just make for attractive decorations but also mean quality time spent together.