Christmas Day refers to an annual holiday when people celebrate Jesus of Nazareth’s birth. One of the most awaited events associated with the celebration is gift-giving.

People give gifts as a way of showing their love and appreciation to their families, relatives, and friends.

If you are on a tight budget and you want to give away cheap but useful gifts, you can try some of the most popular homemade Christmas gift ideas featured below.

Hand Colored Candles

For this special project, the materials that you will use include a dull pencil, a permanent marker, and pillar candles.

In addition to these materials, you need a watercolor brush, acrylic paints, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol. Etch different styles into the candles with the use of a pencil.

Make sure that you etch the styles and designs gently. Get the watercolor brush and brush paint in the designs.

To make the candles more attractive, you can use various colors of acrylic paints. If you want to erase any spot in the wax, dip the swabs in the alcohol and use these to remove unnecessary lines and designs.

Decorative Doorstop

To do the project, you will need a newspaper, a brick with holes, scissors, felt paper, and tacky glue. Aside from these, you can use modeling clay, miniature decorations, craft wire, and toothpicks. Cover a table with newspaper.

The table will be your working place. Place the brick on the table. Measure the bottom of the brick. Cut the felt paper based on the brick’s measurement. Use the modeling clay to cover the brick’s holes.

Fill the brick with the miniature decorations. You can use craft wire and toothpicks to hold the decorations.

Fun Felt Pen

To make the pens, you will use a ballpoint pen, felt paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes. Place the pen on the felt paper. Cut the paper from the bottom to the portion below the tip of the pen.

Roll it to the right and glue the felt to the other side of the pen. Do the same thing to glue the other side of the pen.

Attach the eyes to the bottom part of the pen. To make the pen more attractive, you can make ears and wings with the use of excess felt. Attach the other parts to the pen.

Giving gifts on Christmas Day need not be expensive. With just a little imagination and creativity, you can easily give interesting, useful, and attractive homemade Christmas gifts to your loved ones and friends.