There is actually a multitude of ways to make your very own homemade solar pool heater to use at home.

Sure, it may be easier for you to just dig in your pockets and shell out the appropriate amount of money to buy your own solar heater for your pool.

But why pay more when you can simply make your own homemade solar pool heater with a lesser amount of budget for the project?

How are you going to make your homemade solar pool heater?

Here are some of the basic things you’ll need to know to start creating your homemade solar pool heater and start reaping its benefits:

Of course, the first thing you may need to concern yourself with is to gather the materials for your home project.

What do you need? A black poly pipe (commonly known as, polyethylene pipe), a backboard or shed roof, and a pump.

Finding these things may not be a big problem. In fact, you can easily and quickly purchase these things from a garden supply shop or a hardware store near your area.

You may also be pleased to find out that most of the materials are quite inexpensive and easy to use.

There are three simple ways to assemble these things to make your homemade solar pool heater.

One is to mount the poly pipe on the backboard. Don’t forget to connect a pump to this.

Another way is to place coils of the poly pipe on a shed roof. Then, connect a pump. The third way of using this is to mount the pipe arrays on your roof.

However, the third option may be too hard for a beginner to follow since you may have to consider the water flow that will have to pass through the coils.

This manner of installation may need a professional to assist you.

For safety reasons, it may be best to stick to the two first options in making your own homemade solar pool heater.

Better bear in mind that the coils of the poly pipe should not have any kinks or leakage when you arrange them on the shed roof or the backboard.

If it has, this homemade solar pool heater won’t work as well as you would expect. So check for holes in the pipe and replace your poly pipe if needed.

Making your homemade solar pool heater does not need the most expensive materials and a complicated manner to follow.

Anyone can make their own pool heater as long as the desire and interest in following basic steps is there.