Hair dye (also known as hair coloring) refers to a substance or chemical applied to change the natural color of the hair.

There are various types of hair dye namely, temporary hair color, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, permanent, and hair lighteners.

The use of commercial hair coloring can have negative effects like allergy as well as hair breakage. To lessen the chances of experiencing these effects, it is best to use homemade hair dye.

Discussed below are the procedures and some recipes that can be followed to make the hair coloring that you desire.

Homemade Red Hair Coloring

To make the dye, you need herbs that can be used to color the hair. For this project, you need ½ cup beet juice and ½ cup carrot juice. You also need an old bowl.

Mix the juices in a bowl. Pour the mixture into the part of the hair that you want to color. Sit under the sun and let the hair absorb the mixture for an hour. Rinse the dye.

Homemade Blonde Hair Coloring

The materials and ingredients that you will need for the dye are a cup of lemon juice and three cups of brewed as well as chilled chamomile tea.

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the part that you want to color.

Cover the hair with old towels or expose the hair to direct sunlight. Rinse your hair and apply conditioner. Rinse and dry to see the results.

Rosemary Homemade Dye

To make this hair coloring, you need two tablespoons of sage and two tablespoons of rosemary.

Mix the sage and rosemary with a cup of water. Let the mixture steep for an hour. Apply the dye to your hair. Expose your hair to direct sunlight for an hour.

If you do not want to stay under the sun, you need to cover the hair with old towels for three hours. Rinse the coloring and apply the conditioner.

Homemade Brunette Dye

If you want your hair to be brunette, you need to prepare a mixture of 15 cups of black coffee and 15 cups of strong black tea. Pour the mixture into your hair 15 times.

After pouring the final cup of coffee and tea, let the mixture stay in your hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure that you rinse your hair with clear water.

Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner to your hair. Rinse and you will be happy with the results.