There are lots of creative ideas when it comes to homemade baby shower favors that go well with the general theme of a baby shower.

Parents and organizers will just have to be creative to come up with the favors that complement their specific baby shower.

If you want to say thank you to your baby shower guests, you might as well say it in style.

Some Simple Ideas for Homemade Baby Shower Favors


Homemade chocolates make great homemade baby shower favors because they are easy and inexpensive to make.

You will just have to buy the materials that you will need from your local craft store like chocolate, cellophane bags, sticks, molds, and ribbons.

Since molds for baby showers are quite popular, finding one with various designs and shapes is pretty easy.

You can also buy some flavored drops such as vanilla and mint flavors to add flavors to your chocolates.

Chocolates also have various colors available like pink and blue and you can also get some special food coloring to add more texture and design to your homemade baby shower favors.


Homemade cookies are considered to be the traditional homemade baby shower favors. You could buy colored sprinkles and frosting to make your cookies look even more pretty and attractive.

Chocolate chip or sugar cookies are always the traditional cookies for favors. With regards to cookie cutters, you can buy various designs from your local craft stores.

You can consider cutting your cookies into teddy bears and other classic baby shapes.

Playing Up with Pink and Blue Colors

This is a cute way to create a homemade baby shower favor, that is, to play up with pink and blue colors.

You can buy some M&M’s with colors pink and blue and then tie them inside a colored cellophane bag or tulle.

You can also opt for candies like Skittles or cinnamon hearts that utilize more of the color pink.

Photo of the Mom-to-be

If you have nostalgic guests, you can take a picture of them with the mom-to-be and give a copy of the photo to them as a homemade baby shower favor.

Just make sure that you always have two copies of each picture taken so that the mom-to-be also has a copy for herself.

The most important aspect of making homemade baby shower favors is to be creative. Do your best to correlate your idea with the baby shower theme.

Baby showers are a special time for the mom-to-be and should not be stressful. Simple yet attractive homemade baby shower favors should be given with love and appreciation. You can turn to the Internet to set off your creative spark.

If you have the time, money, and energy to invest in creating your very own cute little baby shower favors, there are several ideas, waiting to be explored.

You can make baby booty cups and fill them with candies or nuts, you could make cards designed like a cute little stroller, or you could even make candy pacifiers! The ideas are endless.

So, depending on your resources, make your handmade favors and surprise and impress your guests.