To create a homemade charcoal chimney, you only need basic carpentry skills. As long as you have the right equipment, you can get the job done.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Tin can
  • Cutters (diagonal)
  • Drill bit
  • Wire coat hangers (2 pieces)
  • Can opener
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Key


Remove all contents from the can. Clean the can. Use the can opener to remove the ends. Use the key (or another similar object) to crate holes on one side. The holes must be separated by a couple of inches.

Use the driller to make 16 holes in the bottom of the can (that’s the side with the holes). The holes must be 3 inches from this bottom area.

Each hole in this homemade charcoal chimney must have about ¾ of an inch of space between them. Make four more holes for the handle.

Create the Wire Mesh

Use the pliers to straighten the hangers. Slice the hanger with the cutter. Make it into a dozen 8-inch pieces. Create a hook from each piece with a diameter of ¾ in. Insert the wire from one hole into another.

Put the hook into the hole closest to it. Bend the wires in the can with the pliers. Repeat this procedure for all the holes. Create more holes and use more wires if you’re making a tighter mesh.

Creating the Handle

Continue building this homemade charcoal chimney by drilling two holes. One must be close to the mesh and the other right at the can’s top.

Get the remaining pieces of coat hangers. Secure them as you did on the mesh.

Notes on Chimney Starters

If you’re using a charcoal chimney starter, make sure you have plenty of charcoal for the grilling.

You also need some newspapers. First, you fold the newspapers. Get the chimney starter and hold it upside down.

Put the newspapers around their bottom parts. Add another newspaper and turn the starter up. Put the charcoal in place and get the lighter. Take off the grill grates.

When the coals are filled with ash, carry the chimney starter and set the coals on the grill.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when using cutters and pliers for this homemade charcoal chimney. Wear gloves to protect yourself. Have bandages ready in case you get a cut.

It’s also important that you are careful when handling the ends of the hangers as well.

The number of hangers you use will depend on how large the chimney will be. Try to get as many as possible if you’re making a large one.

Although this chimney is easy to build, those new to it may require some assistance. Get some help if necessary.

Make sure you follow all the instructions before proceeding to the next step. If not followed properly, the structure won’t function correctly.

By knowing how to make homemade charcoal chimneys, you don’t have to hire the services of a professional.

A fully workable chimney is something you can make. You just need a little perseverance and the proper tools.