A homemade gift certificate is one of the quickest and easiest ways to come up with a present.

Whatever the occasion is, these certificates can make great gifts and help you make a dear one feel special and loved.

Required Tools and Materials

  • construction paper
  • pen
  • gift certificate book
  • computer, (if you are using a ready-to-use template)
  • decorative trimmings, color pens
  • printer

Instructions to Make Gift Certificates

The first step is to get a gift certificate book. You can buy several of these for only a few dollars.

However, you can make one quite easily. Get some construction paper and cut it with a pair of scissors.

Write down your message and make sure that all the details are included in the gift certificate.

Some of these include the receiver’s name, your name, the content/message, the amount of money you want to gift (if you are doing so), the date, the occasion, and so on.

Double-check the contents for errors before you print it.  Add some decorations and trimmings to make it look more colorful. Repeat the process for other gift certificates.

It is much easier to create a homemade gift certificate with your computer. You can find ready-to-use blank gift certificate templates that contain all the relevant details.

Simply download one of these print them and fill in the details. Your gift certificate is ready!

Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens

Always keep in mind that the contents should be appropriate for the person who is getting the certificate. Think of what that person really likes. For kids, it can be an extra hour of TV watching or video games during the weekends.

It could even be a trip to the circus or a new toy. For teens, why not extend the curfew by a couple of hours? The homemade certificate could also be about allowing them to drive the car or granting them permission to go camping.

Set down a dollar amount so they can buy whatever it is they want. The certificates can also be for free snacks or dining out.

Gift Ideas for Spouses and Parents

For your mother or wife, the gift certificate could invite the person for a special dinner date. It can be home-cooked or you and the kids could take her out to a restaurant.

Breakfast in bed is also a nice treat. How about volunteering to do the spring cleaning? You could jot down new clothes, a trip to the beauty salon, and so on.

A simpler but no less effective present is a promise. Make your pledge on the certificate. This can be a promise not to smoke, clean your room, or something else.

For dads or husbands, you can volunteer to clean the yard while they watch the football game. The homemade gift certificate may also be for a spa or body massage.

Other Ideas and Suggestions

Kids can make their own certificates. It can be a promise to eat their veggies or finish their homework.

A great idea is “movies night”. Rent or get copies of their favorite movies. Pick a day of the week (weekend most likely) and watch it with them.

Certificates for holidays should stay true to the occasion. The designs should be fit for the holidays.

Valentine’s Day certificates should have some hearts on them. Christmas should have Yuletide-oriented designs too.

When making gift certificates, try to put some thought into the design. By putting in some work, the recipient will be more appreciative.

Using Web-based or software-based templates is okay. But change the templates so that it will appeal to the recipient.

The supplies are affordable and all you need is a little imagination. These are the reasons why homemade gift certificates remain suitable for many occasions.