Ants are hardworking insects some people get work inspiration from.

But ants can also be agitating household pests. Here are some simple homemade ant killer tips for quick remedies.

Water Solution

Ants easily die when flooded with water. The water solution is the quickest and most practical way to demolish ant colonies, as well.

When these pests and their habitat become too much of a problem outdoors, apply water on them. It’s better to use a hose. Stay far from the colony while applying this homemade ant killer.

Pouring using buckets is not a good idea. It puts you within reach of attacking ants.

Kerosene Solution

For outdoor remedies against ants, put kerosene in a tin sprayer and spray over tilled anthills. The same may be applied to grounds inhabited by them.

Carefully till the soil using a long pointed pole. Then spray the kerosene on the cultivated ground. Make sure to apply this homemade ant killer on areas where there are no combustible materials.

Another way of using kerosene is to pour it on plowed soil where ants live. But this is wasteful.

Spraying is more economical. Some people light a match stick and throw it over poured kerosene. This is not advisable.

There’s no telling what damage it can do in case the flames get out of hand. With sprays, this homemade ant killer is easily controllable.

Clorox Solution

Clorox, a common household chemical for cleaning, is a good indoor remedy against any pest. Just make sure to keep it out of children’s reach. Keep it away from food and drinks, too.

To economize on Clorox use, mix one part of it with three parts of water (1:3). For a stronger solution of this homemade ant killer, use a 1:1 proportion.

Place the solution in a tin or plastic spray. Spray on corners or paths where ants travel. Spray on the opening where they come in and out. Better yet, use a small funnel to pour the solution into such openings. Do this on a regular basis.

Salt and Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a natural acid. Ants are naturally repulsed by salt. Thus, aside from killing most ants in a colony, this solution makes the rest that survive leave the habitat. Mix one part of water with two parts of vinegar.

Then add liberal amounts of salt. Taste the solution if it is too sour and salty enough. Then use this to spray over the ants or pour over their colonies.