Homemade birthday gifts are great to make, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Even if you are not the type of person who would do crafts, you still can create a wonderful birthday gift for your loved one by following some of the following ideas.

Love Poems or Love Book

You can give the most romantic homemade birthday gift to your loved one by writing love letters and love poems that show your genuine warmth, affection, and appreciation for that person.

Bind an interesting collection of love poems or letters in the form of a book and delight your loved one with this personalized special gift.

100 Special Moments

Make an unforgettable booklet containing the most special moments that you and your beloved have shared together.

Spend some time to make this homemade birthday gift and carefully think about the enchanting memories, extraordinary moments, and special happenings that you have experienced together.

Write down the reason why that person is so special to you and this will be the most cherished gift for them on their birthday.

Photo Collage

If you have lots of pictures of the person kept in your closet or computer hard drive, then making a photo collage will be a wonderful way to keep those precious memories alive.

This unique homemade birthday gift will truly bring many smiles to the person celebrating his / her birthday.

Birthday Coupons

This is an easy and inexpensive way of making and giving homemade birthday gifts. Create an exciting coupon book by printing some coupons and taking them to a copy shop.

The copy shop can then laminate those coupons and spiral-bind them to prepare a booklet. You can browse on the Internet to find some wonderful free printable birthday coupons that you can use.

Cookie Gifts

Cookie gifts that are comprised of any size, flavor, and design will make an excellent and pleasant homemade birthday gift.

If you love baking, then bake your own cookies and pack them in a basket, wrapped in colored cellophane.

Tie a pretty ribbon as a finishing touch. This simple gift will really make a great impression on the person receiving it.

Picture Frame

Making picture frames is an easy and fun to do homemade birthday gift.

Your loved one will surely love and cherish an adorable picture frame of you and him.

Homemade Gift Baskets

There are endless possibilities to make homemade gift baskets and it is bound to make a positive impression on the recipient.

You can make a cookie basket full of assorted cookies or a spa basket filled with bath salts and homemade soaps.

Whatever kind of gift basket you make, use your imagination and creativity and create a personal and special gift for your loved one.

Fill the basket with goodies they are bound to love and enjoy and see the spread of sheer joy on their faces when they receive your handmade gift.

Use the above-mentioned, cost-effective ideas to make pretty homemade birthday gifts that will be appreciated and cherished by the people you love and care for.