If stray cats are causing problems in your yard, you can use homemade cat repellents to keep them away. Here are the things you’ll need.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Cotton balls
  • Several mist bottles
  • Any of the following: rosemary, vinegar, lavender, oil of orange or lemon
  • Herbs and other oils


For outdoor use, identify the places the cats frequent. Put one of the oils mentioned earlier in a mist bottle (you can also use a sprayer). Just sprinkle some of it on the spot (i.e., garbage cans, the lawn, etc.).

For indoor use, dab some of the oils in cotton balls. Put the cotton balls in the area where the cat goes. To avoid any unpleasant smells in your house, you can use cinnamon, orange, or lavender.

Other homemade cat repellents you can try are citronella, lemon grass, and rosemary. You can use an eyedropper to dampen the cotton balls.

These cotton balls can be put in the closet or near pots. Applying the oils on paper towels also works. Just put the towels around baseboards, jambs, and other areas.

Dried Herbs

Dry herbs like lavender and rosemary are among the best herbs to use. Gather them and boil them for five minutes. Put the contents in a spray bottle.

The bottle must be clean. Spray this on floors, furniture, and other spots that require it.


These homemade cat repellents should be sprayed at least once a week. The cotton balls also need to be replaced.

In some cases, the repellents need to be changed more frequently. Change them more often if needed.

Planting Herbs and Catnip

You can grow herbs to keep felines away. Aside from the ones mentioned, you can also grow rue and garlic chives.

Planting these will save you the trouble of replenishing herbs weekly.

You can also plant catnips in another area to draw the cats. This will act like a magnet and attract cats.

It will also keep your garden plants safe. Be wary, however, because you might end up with a yard full of stray cats.

Tips and Warnings

Vinegar will also make for fine homemade cat repellents. However, the smell is pretty strong and may overpower your garden plants.

Remember that weather will play a factor. Rain, wind, and snow will blow the cotton elsewhere. Climate changes can also rob the cotton of its scent, so replace them frequently.

Sometimes you’ll need to use a combination of these oils. You may need to try different mixes. Don’t use cayenne pepper and mothballs. It may cause injury to the cats.

If these homemade products don’t work, consider buying commercially available products. These may be more effective.

Do some research before buying these so you can find the one that suits your needs. Look at the ingredients.

Be careful when using them because it might affect your own pet cat. Follow all the instructions before applying them.

These homemade cat repellents are safe and easy to implement. The animals won’t be hurt and your garden will remain safe and clean.