The are many different reasons why one would want to make a homemade rabbit trap. Some would just want to catch a new pet, others just want to find the next dinner, while others simply just want some type of pest or animal control.

A rabbit trap is easy to make and you can even just use materials you can find at home. If you do make one, you have to make sure that it will be as humane as possible.

Required Materials

You’ll need several items that you can find cluttering your house to build a homemade rabbit trap.

First, you’ll need to find a large enough wooden box. The size of the box will depend on how large a rabbit is or what type of rabbit you are planning to catch.

You’ll also need a piece of plywood, some strings, a stick, screw hooks, and a carrot.

Constructing Your Homemade Rabbit Trap

Your wooden box will be the main item to use when constructing a homemade rabbit trap. Grab a screw hook and screw it on the inside of your wooden box. Position it at the very center of the box.

This screw hook will serve as some sort of a pulley mechanism you’ll use to catch rabbits. It is meant to hold your bait, in other words, your carrot.

Using this screw, you’ll be suspending the carrot within the box and not have it lying around.

Next, grab your piece of plywood and lay it flat or on a flat surface in the area where your bunnies thrive. Since this is the likely spot where bunnies show up, this is the ideal place to construct your homemade rabbit trap.

This is also a great idea since you won’t have to make the rabbits go out looking far for the bait.

The next step is easy, just prop your wooden box up using a stick. Make sure that there is room enough for a rabbit to walk right in.

Tie a string to a carrot on several spots just to make sure that no rabbit can chew it off and run away carrying your bait.

Run your string with the carrot through the hook and suspend your bait a few inches above the ground. Run the other end of the string to the stick that holds up the wooden box.

Now your homemade rabbit trap is complete all you have to do is wait. The idea is that when a rabbit tries to pull down the bait the tugging will dislodge the string holding the box up.

You can then carry the box and the plywood flooring with the trapped rabbit inside.