By creating homemade cat toys, you get to save money as these can be costly to buy.

Of course, it also keeps your furniture safe. Here are some ideas you can work on.

Paper Balls and Strings

Get a handful of paper and shape them into a ball. Try using papers with different textures. You can use bond paper, newspaper, or cardboard.

Just throw it in front of the cat and let him chase it down. Because they love to scratch, using cardboard or other heavy paper may prove more attractive to them.

Get some strings and attach bells on the end. You can also use lights or even catnip. Set this homemade cat toy where the kitty can reach it. You should also change the things attached to the end for variety.

Lights and Sound

A simple idea is to get a bag and fill it with toys that emit sounds and lights. These may consist of bells, flashing lights, and others. Place it in front of the cat and he’ll have fun with it.

Bubbles and Bottles

Get a bottle and put the lights inside. You can also put bells or other objects with sounds. This will keep your pet busy. Blow bubbles are also fun.

You can also use feathers, plastics, and other colorful objects as toys. Put these in bags or bottles and give them to your pet.

Make a Perch

Besides homemade cat toys, you should make a perch. Just get a piece of wood and put some carpet or soft cover above it.

Place it near the window. Hang it, as cats love to jump. You can position it looking out of a window or into another room.

Scratching Post

For the post, you need one piece of wood (square, 2 ft high). Get another piece of plywood (3×3 will be okay).

Nail the two pieces together. Apply some seagrass around them.

Toy Box

For this project, you should get the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Cardboard box
  • Nail
  • Ping pong balls
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Start this homemade cat toy by cutting the strings. Make them six inches long. Connect the ping pong balls with the nail.

Put the cut strings through the balls. Fasten the strings so the balls won’t come off.

Use glue to stick the strings opposite the balls. The end result should be the ping-pong balls dangling down.

Finally, put a tape on the box and make a hole for your cat. You can also replace the ping pong balls with bells.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you don’t use lead paint when decorating these toys. Don’t use objects that are too small; the cat might end up swallowing them.

Avoid using buttons as they can come off too easily. Be careful when using the strings; ensure they don’t get entangled.

These homemade cat toys are simple, fun, and inexpensive. You don’t just cut back on costs, but you can take a lot of pleasure in it.

After all, your cat is playing with a toy that you yourself made.