If you can assemble homemade TV antennas, there’s no need to buy the expensive stuff you see in stores.

By making one yourself, you’ll be able to tweak it without worrying about the costs.

Make an Antenna

Required Tools and Materials

  • Sewing pin (medium size)
  • Plastic bulb
  • 1 antenna (the one on the car will do nicely)
  • Speaker wire (1 ft long)
  • Wire cutter


If it isn’t already, fasten the plastic bulb to the sewing pin. Enfold the wire over the needle. Place the wire near the bulb. Ensure the wire makes contact with the metal component of the needle.

Double-check and make sure that the wire is wrapped around the needle. Grab the wire’s other end. Connect it to the antenna.

Make sure there is contact so this homemade TV antenna will work. Now put this in the outlet where the antenna will be linked. Turn on the TV. Move the antenna until the picture is clear.

Make an Antenna II

Required Tools and Materials

  • Speaker wire
  • Cutter
  • Wire strippers
  • Metal and arts and crafts hoop
  • Flathead screwdriver


Use a cutter and slice the speaker wire until it is ten feet long. You can use any type of wire as long as it’s conductive.

Speaker wire is preferred because it is flexible. Get the wire stripper and peel the skin. An inch of metal wire should be exposed.

The next step to making this homemade TV antenna is putting the wires around the hoop. Put the wires around it.

Fasten the wire securely. Give yourself some room on the other end to work with the wires. You can now put this on the wall.

Find the UHF antenna behind the TV. It will have little screws around it. Attach the stripped end of the antennas to these screws.

Use a screwdriver if necessary. Turn on the TV. Put the antenna on top of it. Keep moving it around until you get a clear reception.

Tips and Warnings

You can still use this homemade TV antenna even without UHF. Just attach the antenna to the coax. That is the spot where cable wires are placed. Put the stripped ends on it.

Get an adjustable antenna so it can be modified easily. This makes it easy to move the antenna and get a clearer reception. Consider using a large sewing pin so that it doesn’t fall off the outlet.

Be careful when using the needle. If you get a cut, rinse the wound with water. Put some bandages or antiseptic on it. Wear glasses so you can better see.

Be patient when aligning the antennas. Getting a clear reception may require you to put it in a very precise location.

Try different areas. Some appliances might interfere with the signal as well. Try moving some of them around if the reception doesn’t change.

A little knowledge of wiring is all it takes to create homemade TV antennas. Now you don’t have to worry about coughing up big money just to get clear signals.