Homemade coupons are suitable gifts for any occasion. They are not expensive and are simple to create. Yet you can give each coupon its own set of unique features. This allows you to customize them for each recipient.

Required Tools and Materials

  • copy paper (white)
  • construction paper (many colors)
  • scissors (any size)
  • stapler
  • crayons, markers, colored pens
  • stickers

Instructions to Make Coupons

Decide early on how large the coupons should be. Use a ruler and scissors to get the sizes right. If you want to make a booklet, you will need about 15 coupons. Work on one booklet at a time. Jot down a title for each homemade coupon.


When designing the coupon, think of the recipient. What are their interests? How old are they? Keep these aspects in mind before you proceed. Customize the coupon to suit its recipient.

Use the stickers to add decorative elements. You can also use rubber stamps. Arrange the stickers and the rubber stamps, using your creativity. Make the cover with the construction paper.

You can also use a colored cardstock to make the cover. Put the coupons together, using a stapler.

Some Coupon Ideas

Here are a few suggestions for homemade coupons. For the kids, it can be a couple of days without household chores. You could also put down ice cream cones or going out to see their favorite film on your homemade coupons.

You could also make a coupon for a new toy or gadget. For teenagers, it could be getting a video game or a car wash. Other ideas include magazine subscriptions or food and drinks. If they are sports fans, the coupon could be for a baseball cap, a basketball jersey and so on. For your spouse, it can be a home cooked meal or a relaxing massage. It can also be a cozy dinner for two or a romantic getaway.

Online Coupons

You can look to the Web for coupon ideas. You can find ready to use templates and customize them. Print it and you have a coupon.

Word processors also have coupon templates you can use. There are specially designed ones for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

Preferably, Do not simply use the templates as it is. Changing the settings will give it that extra personal touch. There are plenty of free clipart and similar designs on the Web. Use them to decorate the template.

If you are the artistic type, you can draw them yourself. Fire up that illustration / paint program and draw away. Again, keep the personality of the individual in mind when personalizing the coupon.

Always double check your coupons before sending them out. Make sure you do not get them mixed up especially when you have got lots to give away.

These homemade coupons are among the simplest yet most enjoyable gifts you can give. Not only can you vary the contents, but each item is highly individualized. That makes for a truly memorable gift.