Any couple would really want their wedding to be special, unique, and memorable.

The uniqueness of the wedding celebration can be shown in terms of the venue, attire, theme, menu, and also favors.

Giving away wedding favors is an excellent way to show how you care and how special your guests are. Favors will also serve as wedding souvenirs that guests can keep to remind them of the uniqueness of your wedding.

Wedding favors can be costly if you purchase them somewhere. To save money on favors, you can opt for homemade wedding favors that are unique but easy to make.

Here are some ideas that you can use if your wedding is coming soon.

Glass Ornament Balls

Even if this is a simple homemade wedding favor, glass ornament balls do look pretty exclusive.

Obtain some clear glass balls, some dried flowers, and ribbons, and make a nameplate that contains the guest’s name, the name of the couple, and the date of the wedding.

Fill the balls with dried flowers and tie some colorful ribbons in them together with the nameplate through the jacks of the ball. To top it all, tie a white ribbon on the top of the favor.

Silver Bells

Personalize the silver bells by tying a white ribbon in them and having printed in it the name of the couple and the date of the wedding.

Big silver bells are great for this homemade wedding favor. Give this away with a bottle of champagne to your guests.

Polaroid Pictures

This is the kind of homemade wedding favor that you can produce on the spot right after clicking on the camera.

Take a picture of each guest with the bride and groom and place it in a nice photo frame as a wedding favor.

Organza Pouch

Organza pouch can be considered an exclusive homemade wedding favor.

Have an organza pouch decorated with dainty satin ribbon where the couple’s name and wedding date written on it. Tie it up with the aid of a jack.

Aroma Candles

You can purchase some packs of candles or even better make candles on your own. Inscribe in each candle the couple’s name and their wedding date.

Designing the aroma candles into the initials of the couple is also a unique one for a homemade wedding favor.

Homemade Cookies

Cookies are also great to be given away as homemade wedding favors.

You can make cookies and cut them into different wedding shapes like cupids, hearts, lovebirds, wedding bells, bride and groom, and others.

Pack the cookies in a nice tin box and include a photo of the couple with the wedding date written on it.