If you’re going to the party but don’t have anything to wear, these homemade Halloween costumes should help.

You can use these costumes or make them templates for other clothing designs.

Creepy Old Man

Required Tools and Materials

  • Torn clothes
  • Makeup
  • Tin cup
  • Safety pins
  • Wig
  • Small rocks or coins


Make sure the clothes are old and ragged for full effect. Put them on and make a few more tears. Put the safety pins on so it doesn’t completely fall apart.

Apply some dirt and grime on the knees, stomach, and neck area. You can use paint, dirt, or both.

Put dark makeup on your face. Put black marks around the eyes and the mouth. You can also put thin black marks across your cheek so they appear to crack.

Put the finishing touches to this homemade Halloween costume by donning a dirty wig. Carry the can with the rocks (or coins). Walk with a stick and the getup is complete.

The Birdcage Look

Required Tools and Materials

  • Sweatshirt with a green hood
  • Sweatpants (brown)
  • Hay
  • Leaves
  • Glue and glue gun
  • Craft wire
  • Eggs


Put glue on the leaves and press them to the sweatshirt. Put some on the hood as well. You can use a stocking cap if you don’t have a hood.

Draw some dark lines on the sweatpants to make them look rugged and rough.

Gather the raffia or hay. Assemble them to look like a bird’s nest.

Finish this homemade Halloween costume by putting glue on the nest. Connect it to the shoulder or the hood.

Add some eggs or synthetic birds to the nest. Optionally, you can add a branch to the nest using glue.

The Jelly Bean Dude

Required Tools and Materials

  • Several colored balloons
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Colored ribbons


Put on tights and a bodysuit, both white. Blow some balloons so they’re about the size of jelly beans. Use the cellophane to create a bag around the suit.

Put the balloon around it. Scatter the balloons around. Secure the ribbon on your neck. Get a piece of cardboard.

Write something like “Jelly Belly Dude” or “Mr. Jelly Bean”. Put the “bag” sign on the bag. This homemade Halloween costume is finished.

Note; if you don’t want to use a cellophane, get a garbage bag. To keep the letter in place, use sticky notes or something similar.

Also, try using safety pins when attaching the balloons. It will keep them in place.

The Ladies’ Man

Required Tools and Materials

  • Safety pins
  • Some dolls
  • Pastel colored clothes


Put your shirt on. Write “ladies’ man”, “chick boy” or something similar. Put the safety pins and attach the dolls all over your shirt and pants.

For girls, you can use male dolls or action figures. Write down “boy toy” on your shirt. You can also wear a  cap or hood. You can attach dolls there.

These homemade Halloween costumes are cheap and take only a few minutes to make. Try these out and amaze your friends with your creativity.