Making a Homemade Wood Stove

Making your very own homemade wood stove can prove to be quite a difficult task. It is so hard to make that even experts who have done it many times over do not recommend it to those brave enough to try making one.

However, if you are still headstrong and want to make one just make sure that you follow all possible safety procedures during the time you’re building it until the time you are to test and use it.

What Equipment to Use

It is interesting that there are those who have built homemade wood stoves without ever using any form or type of welding tools.

The very first concern you will have at making this kind of homemade stove is if you have the right tools for the job. Some have thought that following construction diagrams for wood stoves should be a major concern.

However important that may be, that concern is only secondary to obtaining the right tools.

The minimum tools you will need to build your own homemade wood stove will include a drill, a saw, a screwdriver, a grinder, a file, a hammer, and pliers.

You might have noticed that these are quite the basic tools you have used to construct or repair almost anything as well. It is indeed true that you basically won’t need welding equipment to make a wood stove at home.

However, depending on the foundational material or material you will use to make your stove, you may or may not use welding equipment.

Raw Material

Since the type of raw material you’ll be using will dictate which tools you will use, you better choose the right material depending on what tools you have available.

The most basic raw material you’ll need to construct a homemade wood stove would have to be a barrel. The choice of material or metal alloy the barrel is made of will totally depend on your personal choice.

It doesn’t really matter as long as the barrel you choose will have a removable cover or top that you can clamp back on and lock in for safety.

When choosing which barrel to use for your homemade wood stove, be sure to note what was contained in it before you purchased or used it.

Be careful with using barrels that used to contain flammable materials. For safety reasons, some people prefer small to medium-sized water tanks instead of barrels.

The important thing is that these containers will have a lid that you can open and close.

Following a Diagram

One of the easiest ways to make a wood stove is to follow a diagram.

Whatever diagram you choose as a pattern just make sure that you have proper air intake and good exhaust.

The design should at least accommodate these two very important factors as well as fire safety.