Although homemade HDTV antennas may not look as polished as their commercial counterparts, they can deliver.

Here is how you can build an antenna without burning your wallet.

Make an HDTV Antenna

Required Tools and Materials

  • Plywood (half an inch thick)
  • 16 washers
  • Screwdriver
  • Copper wire (you can also use 8 coat hangers)
  • Screws (8 at least)
  • Coax cable (with the end connector)


Get a piece of plywood. It can be any size but 2 x 4 ft will be nice. Set it down. Get the copper wire or coat hangers.

Modify it so it forms a V shape. The legs should be 7”. Repeat this for all eight coppers or wire hangers.

You’ll start making this homemade HDTV antenna by screwing the wires on the plywood. Fasten the wires along the bend on the sides.

That translates to four wires for each side. Get the washers and use them. Ensure each one is parallel to the other.

There should be a couple of wires parallel down the wood. They will be at the V bend too. Make sure that they’re close to each other.

They’ll be used to link the coax to the wires. Link this with the coax cable. Turn on the TV and it should look okay.

Make an HDTV Antenna II

Required Tools and Materials

  • A piece of plywood
  • Metal drying racks or grates
  • Aluminum foil
  • Duct tape
  • Cutter
  • Saw
  • 2 x 4
  • Washers
  • Screws


Start making this homemade HDTV antenna by cutting the plywood to a size of 30” x 16”. You can also use cardboard.

If you’re going to use this outside, use metal racks or grates. The board can be 41 inches long. Add a 5-inch dent in the bottom part. This is for putting the rotor in place.

Put aluminum foil around the board. You can apply some duct tape to it too. Get a 2 x 4 and cut it. Set the 2 x 4 atop the plywood. Nail it. Set the bowties 7 inches apart from each other.

Put them in the middle area. Connect it to the transformer on the homemade HDTV antenna board.

Get the coat hangers or wires. Shape the wire hangers into Vs. Put these Vs (you’ll need eight of them) below the washers.

Look at the layout. Make certain the Vs are laid out evenly. They should be parallel to the foil.

Screw them into place. Make sure the crisscrossed wires are insulated.

Connect the transformer (you’ll probably need two washers). Install the antenna. Turn the TV on and check the channels.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when cutting the wires. Take care that you don’t cut your fingers or get any wounds.

Keep the hangers away from your eyes as you are bending them. It’s a good idea to have antiseptic and bandages nearby just to be sure.

With a little bit of cutting and wiring, you’ll be setting up a homemade HDTV antenna in no time. Now you can sit back and enjoy your favorite programs without any distortion.