Celebrated every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day is a special time for love and sharing. There are many ways to make one smile during Valentine’s Day.

Giving a bunch of flowers and chocolates is the most usual way. But there is another way that might interest you and make the receiver feel really special.

You can always buy gifts for your loved one but it certainly would make it more personal and special if you made them yourself.

The following article will give you some useful tips on how to make homemade Valentine’s gifts for those people you love and care about.

As such, homemade Valentine’s gifts can be given to your mom, dad, relatives, daughter, son, teacher, friend, or anyone. The nicest thing about this type of gift is that you are the creator of these homemade Valentine’s gifts.

That absolutely makes it extra special for the receiver. Here are two homemade Valentine’s gifts ideas that you could use this Valentine’s Day to make someone close to you, smile.

A Picture of Your Loved One

Everyone likes collecting pictures. So, why not give them a handmade picture magnet? Just be sure that you have a picture of the receiver so you can use that for the magnet.

  • To make this, draw and cut out a heart shape from a white poster board. This will serve the purpose of being your photo’s frame. You can also choose to use another shape, apart from a heart. In the middle of the board, cut out a smaller-sized heart.
  • Now, take a pretty picture of your loved one and cut it in the shape of the smaller heart you cut out from the poster board. Using glue, secure the picture to the board.
  • Next, using glue, paste the smaller heart in the middle of the larger heart.
  • Glue or tape a piece of self-adhesive magnet strip behind the larger heart.
  • You can use your creativity and decorate the photo frame using tiny, little hearts, flowers, stars or anything that you fancy. Use chart paper and colored pencils to draw the shapes you like and use them to make yourself a fancy photo frame! And you are done!

A Handmade Canvas Bag

Another neat gift idea is to make a handmade canvas bag for your loved one.

Shop around at craft stores for a blank canvas bag to use for this project. Do not forget to buy different colors of paintbrushes, fabric paint, ribbons, or other small decorative items that you can use for your bag.

This can get a little messy and so, it is best to lay out some old newspapers on the floor before you start.

Start painting the bag with the colors that you have chosen. When the paint is dry, you can decorate it with the ribbons and other items that you purchased earlier.

Stick them on the bag with a glue gun. And the bag is ready to be gifted to someone special!

These neat and easy-to-do homemade Valentine’s gifts would truly put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

So, the next time this occasion comes around, opt to create your own gifts to celebrate the day and you will see that the effort was absolutely worth it.