Homemade Lotion Recipes

Lotion is a topical preparation or a cosmetic product that is applied on skin to retain moisture and prevent skin illnesses. Some of the key ingredients of the product include an emulgent, oily phases and fragrances. If you are having problems looking for the beauty product that has your favorite scent and if you like to save money, then it is beneficial to know how to make the product. Below are some of the easy and popular homemade lotion recipes that you can use.

Rose Petal Homemade Lotion

To make the lotion, you need 2/3 cups rose water and 1/3 cup glycerin. Mix the two ingredients in a clean container or bottle. Cover the container and shake. Place the container in a dry and cool place. This lotion can help retain skin moisture during winter. To soften and moisturize your skin, apply the lotion three times to five times a day.

Milk Homemade Lotion

For this type of lotion, you should have two cups milk and a teaspoon of salt. Pour the milk in a small saucepan. Boil the milk and transfer in a medium size bowl. Add the salt and stir. Dissolve salt and transfer in a bottle. Wait for the milk to cool. For best results, use the lotion five times a day. If you want your skin to exfoliate, you can apply this every 15 minutes.

Honey and Banana Homemade Lotion

To make a honey and banana lotion, you need a teaspoon of honey, a banana, a lemon and a tablespoon of margarine. Juice the lemon. Place the banana in a bowl and mash it with the use of the fork. Add the juice, butter and honey. Mix well and transfer in a bottle. Apply the lotion to your skin. Leave the lotion and wash off after two hours.

Almond and Egg Homemade Lotion

You can find this product very useful during winter. To make this, you should have two tablespoons almond oil, a tablespoon of rose water, ½ teaspoon tincture benzoin and an egg. Beat the egg and add the rose water and almond oil. Continue beating for two minutes to three minutes. Add the benzoin and mix well. Transfer the mixture in a clean container with cover or a bottle. If you want to nourish your hands, all you have to do is to wash your hands and pat dry. Apply the lotion and leave for three hours. Wash off and see the results.

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