Mother’s Day is a special and memorable day to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of mothers to nurture and rear their children.

If you want to honor your mom and appreciate all the love and caring that she gave to you, then this is the best time to do it.

You do not need to spend a big amount of money to give her a special gift on this day.

Below are some of the homemade Mother’s Day gifts that you can make.

Crystal Clear Necklace

The materials that you need for this project are scissors, a fishing line or monofilament, plastic beads, two clamshell bead tips, needle-nose pliers, and a barrel clasp.

The first step when making the necklace is to cut the monofilament or the fishing line two times the necklace’s length. Insert a bead into the monofilament.

To keep the bead in place, loop the monofilament around. Place the beads until there is a little space left. Make sure that you allot enough space between the beads.

You can use spacers between the beads to make the necklace more attractive. Insert the clamshell bead tips at the ends of the monofilament and double knot. Pinch the tips with the use of the pliers before putting the clasp.

Hand Painted Mugs

To do the project, you should have a ceramic mug, several pieces of paper, a pencil, cotton swabs or a watercolor brush, and a porcelain glaze. The initial step is to practice the design that you like to paint on the paper.

After mastering the design, you can paint it on the mug with the use of the watercolor brush and the porcelain glaze. Let the painting dry for a day. Place the mug inside an oven.

Set the temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the mug stay inside the oven for 30 minutes or until the glaze is set on the mug.

Handprint Apron

You can try this if you want to help your young siblings make a gift for your mother. The materials for the project are a solid-colored apron, different fabric paints, three to five paper plates, and a fabric pen.

Cover a large table with newspaper. This will be your work area. Pour paint on the plate.

Press the hands of your siblings on the plate with paint. Be sure that their palms are with paint. Place their hands on the apron.

Continue doing the step until the apron is covered with the hand prints of the children. Write the names of your siblings under their handprints.