Homemade notepads are fun and easy to make especially if you use them as a way to get in touch with little children.

It’s a great idea for a family home activity or something to do with your little kids when they can’t go out in the rain to play.

The materials you’re going to use to make a homemade notepad can be easily purchased or sometimes immediately found right in your home.

Watching your kids make one will reveal to you their innate creativity.

Needed Materials

Most of the stuff you need to create or construct a homemade notepad with your kids can be found at home.

You basically need some paper, white glue, some paintbrushes, some cardboard, objects that you can use as weights, and a fine-edged knife or a pair of scissors.

As a safety precaution, you should supervise your children while doing this activity especially when handling cutting tools. You should be the one to handle the scissors and other cutting materials you use for this project.

Another piece of equipment you might want to use if available is a computer with a printer. You can use a computer to print out designs that you can attach to the cover of your homemade notepads.

However, if you want your kids to put a little effort into making the designs you should bring out an art kit with ribbons and all and allow them to create their own designs.

Constructing a Homemade Notepad

Constructing your notepad will be easy even for little kids. The first thing you should do is to grab a sheet of paper and cut it out into a fourth of its original size.

Legal-sized paper will work just fine, whether you use new or used ones will depend entirely on your personal preference.

Stack these cut pieces of paper aligning one side. Take note that you are only required to keep just one side of the would-be notepad.

Put a piece of cardboard that is larger than the size of the cut paper sheets on top of your stack. Place another one at the bottom of the stack. Hold the stack of paper firmly down using your weights.

Place glue on the side or edge you have evened out earlier. You may use a sponge or a brush to spread the glue. Be sure to cover that entire evened-out edge/side and let it dry.

You can then use your computer printouts to decorate the cover of your homemade notepad or let your kids do the artwork on their own pads.