Paintball is an exciting and fun game in which players aim to eliminate all their opponents by targeting them with pellet guns that are powered by markers or paints.

One of the accessories that players can use in this sport is the paintball grenade. To use the grenade, you need a launcher, which is classified into two categories, namely the splatter and the explosive.

The accessory is available in paintball stores but if you do not have enough money to buy this item, you can always make a homemade paintball grenade launcher.

Materials Needed

If this is your first time making the paintball accessory, you can ask for assistance from professionals. You can also look at magazines and books about the popular designs of the launcher.

To avoid experiencing delays in the project, it is best to gather all the materials needed beforehand. For the grenade launcher, you need a syringe, paint, tubing, and a clamp. Aside from these, you will also need a washer and a cotter.

You can substitute the washer with a rubber band. Above all, you need a table with enough space where you can work and finish the grenade launcher.

Steps in Making the Grenade Launcher

The initial step for this project is to cut tubing with a total length of five inches. As soon as the tubing is ready, measure half an inch from the end and fold. Tie the end of the tubing with a wire.

Get a syringe and draw two ounces of paint into the syringe. Insert the syringe into the grenade tube and push it to transfer the paint to the tube. Hold the other end of the tube to prevent the paint from leaking.

Use your other hand to clamp the nozzle of the syringe with the tubing.

Afterward, brace the other end of the tube against a solid material and insert another syringe with two ounces of paint in the opening of the grenade tube.

This is very important to prevent the paint from bursting out of the tube. Release the tubing’s clamp carefully and push the paint into the tube. Continue doing the steps until the grenade has enough paint.

As soon as you get the appropriate size of the grenade, get a washer and secure it with a clamp. Fold the other end of the tube and tie it.

If you cannot find a washer to secure the tube, get a rubber band and tie it three times. Place a cotter between the tube and the washer. The cotter will serve as the pin of the grenade. Release the clamp gently.