Making homemade rust removers will require only a few ingredients.

As you’ll see, eradicating rust and corrosion need not cost a lot of money.

Using White Vinegar

This substance is commonly used to get rid of pet urine. However, it also works here.

Get a small plate and pour some white vinegar. Do not add water. Get a piece of clean cloth and dampen it with the vinegar.

Wipe the rusty object with the cloth. If there is plenty of rust, pour vinegar into a bowl and immerse the object in it. Leave it there for half an hour.

Take the object out. This homemade rust remover can be applied repeatedly if there’s still some corrosion. When the rust is gone, rinse the object with water.

Dry it with a towel. When dabbing an object with the cloth, leave the vinegar there for at least 20 minutes. Repeat the process if needed and then wash it with water. Dry it completely.

Using Borax

For this cleaner, you need to combine lemon juice and borax. They need to be of equal amounts. Dip a cloth in the solution and apply it to the rusted object.

You can also use a bottle spray. Just pour the homemade rust remover into the bottle and seal it. You can then spray the object’s rusty parts.

Of course, you can also immerse the object just like in the other cleaning solution. Make sure the object is in the solution for 30 minutes. When the rust has disappeared, wash with water.

Note: the object may appear black after being dabbed or immersed in vinegar or lemon. This is only temporary; rinsing with water will bring back its true color and shades.

Other Methods

Gather cream of tartar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. First, add a teaspoon of tartar to the borax (1/4 cup of it will be fine).

Next, put some hydrogen peroxide in it. Add enough so the mixture turns into a thick substance.

Now you can put this homemade rust remover onto the affected spot. Dab it on the area and leave it there for 30 minutes. Afterward, use a sponge to wipe the surface.

That should get rid of the stain. If the stain remains, repeat the process. Wash the object with clean water when the rust is gone.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure the bottles you use for mixing vinegar or lemon have never been used with other chemicals. Even if it has been emptied, there may be small traces left.

These might cause chemical reactions in the vinegar and affect the cleaning process.

Keep the solution away from children. Do not place the bottle near pets. Wash the cloth you used for cleaning immediately.

You can substitute borax with baking soda and other similar solutions. What you want is a component that will provide grit without being too harsh.

Rust can affect a host of furniture and objects. Fortunately, there are cleansers you can use to eliminate it. With these simple homemade rust removers, keeping those antiques shiny will be easy.