Define Douching

The word ‘douche’ hails from France and literally means to soak or to wash. A common practice that is believed to be helpful is vaginal douching.

It is a practice that is believed to be hygienic and helps clean and rinse a woman’s vagina.

Almost half of the female population in America ages 15 to 44 are known to douche on a regular basis.

Both commercial and homemade douches have been known to be used.

Douche or Don’t Douche – A Good Question

There are many reasons women give why they douche whether they use commercialized brands or homemade douches.

Some of the most basic reasons include cleaning the vagina, rinsing sperm out after sex, and rinsing away any blood that might have been left behind after monthly periods.

Others even say they use homemade douches to get rid of vaginal odors or reduce the risk of getting STDs.

Whatever the reason you might get from women the debate over whether women should douche or not is ongoing.

There are women who do it in faith believing that it is beneficial to their health while others avoid it believing that it can pose problems later on.

Natural or Not

The issue is no longer on whether commercial brands or homemade douches should be used.

The discussion regarding this issue is more on whether a woman should douche or just let the female vagina clean itself.

Take note that a woman’s vagina has the natural ability to clean itself using the production of mucus.

It is understood that whether you use commercial or homemade douches or just let the vagina do its work any discharge will be removed eventually.

So, whether a woman is concerned about blood, vaginal discharge, or semen left within, the vagina will eventually get cleaned either way.

A normal and healthy vagina will have the ability to get itself clean.

Making Homemade Douches

In case you were wondering how to make your own douche at home, here is the stuff you need. You can make your own douche using vinegar, water, iodine, or baking soda.

There are those who make ones out of medicinal herbs and water. If you ask around, the most common homemade ones that many women use and often times recommend are made by mixing up water and vinegar.

For the popular home remedy, you can mix a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with a quart of distilled water.

Another combination is a tablespoon of kosher salt that is already dissolved in a bit of hot water and a quart of distilled water.