In giving gifts, there is the option to buy or not. The latter would probably be your choice if you do not have the exact funds to spend.

When this is your concern, and you still wouldn’t want to arrive at your loved ones’ place empty-handed, then, making homemade gift ideas would be a better option.

With homemade gift ideas, you can actually stretch your imagination and create the perfect gift for the receiver.

But what types of homemade gift ideas should you fill your thoughts with?

Among the numerous homemade gift ideas, what can make someone else’s day better and brighter?

Here are a few options:

Making an Interesting Treasure Stone

You probably have had those days in childhood when you would just merely play with clay and form it into different things that you can play with. This simple project is a little like that.

For this, you should have a cup of flour, a cup of used coffee grinds, a half cup of salt, one-fourth cup of sand, and a cup of water.

To proceed with making your very own treasure stone to give to family and friends, mix all the dry ingredients first. Then, add water. Do not pour at once. Add water slowly so you can check the consistency of the flour.

Remember that you need to make the flour a bit stiff not runny.

Then, knead the dough until it becomes smooth to the touch. And break into pieces.

The fun part here is to add some wonderful surprises inside the dough before you let it dry for at least three to four days.

Once it hardens, it is ready to give. You may need to tell the receiver to break it with a hammer to see what is inside.

Making a Helpful Stress Ball

Everybody gets stressed – in one way or another. And during those times, it is best to relax and unwind. If you know someone who needs to take a break from it all, a stress ball is a perfect homemade gift to give.

To make this, prepare a small round balloon. Inflate it to about four to five inches.

Don’t tie the end. Rather, pinch the top of the balloon about an inch from the balloon’s hole. Fill it with cornstarch.

Then, slowly remove your fingers from the top to help the cornstarch slide into the interior of the balloon. Add more cornstarch. Basically, you may need to fill it to approximately three inches.

Now, you need to pull the opening of the balloon and remove the extra air by pinching that area.

Then, you have to tie the balloon – making sure that it is a bit close to the cornstarch. Decorate your balloon.

Making a Picture Frame

To make this, you need construction paper, a cd case, glue or a hot glue gun, and stickers or other items for decorating the frame.

To start, cut the construction paper into squares. You better make sure that these squares can actually fit a CD case.

From those squares, cut another square in their center, and paste a photo of the receiver there. Glue the sides with a glue or glue gun.

Stick the square you made in the CD case – preferably on the inside. Close and glue the edges.

You can now decorate your picture frame with stickers, glitter, or any other items you like.

These simple homemade gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone who would receive them.

Whatever you choose to give, the loving effort that you put into these three choices of homemade gift ideas will be able to show how much you really care.