You can make homemade lock picks even out of a bobby pin and a paper clip. However, since these materials are quite crude and easily bent you can’t be assured of their reliability and performance.

Paperclips and bobby pins are the cheapest resources around however, if you just spend at least a couple of dollars on your lock picks then you’ll get far better tools than what the former could ever offer.

Scouting and Gathering Materials

You will only have to spend around two dollars to make a decent set of lock picks. That little investment will be well worth whatever money you put in.

However, do take note that it will require a lot of practice to make good homemade lock picks.

That simply translates to beginners and those otherwise new to this art spending a few dollars more on account of making mistakes when forging the tools of the trade.

Gathering your materials will be a big concern when making homemade lock picks. What you basically need is a sturdy piece of metal that can withstand wear and tear.

There are those who prefer to use spare Allen wrenches to make lock picks. The metal used to make Allen wrenches would be perfect if you want to make your own lock picks.

Even if you don’t have Allen wrenches to spare there are still other materials you can use to make homemade lock picks.

For instance, you can buy a metal “beware of dog” sign at a hardware store or any piece of sheet metal that’s as tough as it is thin. You don’t have to buy ones that are expensive.

A good alternative, and sometimes preferred by some, is hacksaw blades. However, those will come at a higher cost.


Another issue you have to deal with when making homemade lock picks is the equipment to use.

It is interesting that if you purchase a lock picking kit some kits include handles on the actual picks that you can use to make and design your own lock picks.

If you don’t have those then you will need a file and a grinder.

Make sure that the filers you use are quite coarse so that you won’t spend a lot of time filing metal off your would-be tool.

The more used you are at working the grinder the faster you’ll get done making your homemade lock picks. The more familiar you are with these tools the fewer mistakes you’ll make and the less cost you’ll incur.

You will have to follow lock pick templates if you don’t have actual lock picks to copy.

It is recommended that you start making a tension wrench first and then you can proceed to making the various types of lock picks you will need.