Snakes are carnivorous and poisonous species that belong to the Serpentes order.

Living in a place where there are numerous snakes poses a great threat to your life and to the lives of your loved ones.

One way of ensuring your security is to purchase repellents from local stores and apply them around and inside your house.

However, if the species is abundant in the area, it is more beneficial if you know how to make homemade snake repellent.

Materials in Making the Repellent

To make the repellent, you need a vacuum cleaner, cat litter, mothballs, and powdered sulfur.

Aside from these materials, you will use moth crystals, cinnamon oil, clove oil, and a spray bottle. Before proceeding with the steps in making the repellent, it is important to clean the surroundings of your house.

It is also necessary that you eliminate spiders and spider eggs from your place since these can attract poisonous creatures.


Get a cup of cat litter and a cup of mothballs. Mix the mothballs and cat litter. Spread the mixture inside and around the house to prevent snakes from entering your place.

Cat litter is lethal to the species since this can stuck in the scales. In addition, the dangerous species do not like the scent that mothballs produce.

Both the mothballs and cat litter can be purchased from drugstores and groceries, so you will not have problems buying the materials that you need.

If the mixture is ineffective, you can try another mixture. This mixture contains a cup of powdered sulfur and a cup of moth crystals. Spread this around the house.

Moth crystals are more effective than mothballs since these can cover a larger area. When making and spreading the mixture, it is best that you cover your nose with a cloth or mask since sulfur has a foul odor.

If the recommended mixtures fail to repel the poisonous species and you can still see snakes in your house or outside your house, you should always have a mixture of clove oil and cinnamon oil in a bottle spray.

Use this to send the dangerous species away. Make sure that the amount of the cinnamon oil is the same as the amount of clove oil. In addition, do not forget to shake the mixture well before using.

If you will make several bottles of the mixture, it is important to keep the mixture out of the reach of children and always store the bottles in a dry and cool place.