Making homemade pet costumes is a terrific means to dress up your furry friend and have some fun without spending some cash.

Great Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

If you think that making a pet costume is a great task for you, then think again. A simple homemade pet costume may not even need some sewing.

Just let your imagination drift off to aid you in making a costume for your beloved pet.

Dressing up your pet to represent another kind of animal is a popular trend today. If you are celebrating Easter, then you can dress up your dogs as bunnies.

Bunny costumes are really easy to make yourself. All you will ever create are the ears and this can be done by building ears using scrap fabric or construction paper and wire glued on a Velcro headband.

Secure the ears in your pet’s head and it will be good to take some memorable pictures with your pets.

You can also dress up your pets into insects such as ladybugs which are becoming popular nowadays even for small dogs.

This homemade pet costume doesn’t need any sewing at all. Get a jacket and fasten some felt papers on it colored red and black to obtain the resemblance of a ladybug. You can also make a headpiece using pipe cleaners and Velcro.

Creating some popular superhero costumes is gaining popularity now. You can make a cape to represent any masked crusader and they are easy to make anytime.

Most of the homemade pet costumes are recycled from old infant and toddler clothes. Just attach some fabric and accessories and your lovable pets will instantly turn into a fairy, ballerina, or bumble bee.

Old T-shirts are good to use for large-sized pets. With a glue gun, staples, or Velcro, attach any accessories to the shirt like spider legs, tiger stripes, and wings.

If you are turning an old child’s clothes into a homemade pet costume, take into consideration the sizing. The length and breadth of the pet’s body differs to that of the child so there are areas that are tight and others that are loose.

Do some repairing with the use of scissors and needles so that the pet will become comfortable with the dress.

Ensure that the natural movements of your pet are not hindered and restricted.

The tail, head, and legs should be able to move freely when wearing the costume of your making.

Homemade pet costumes don’t have to be elaborate unless you are really an expert pet costume designer.